New in Christ Bible Church

Pastor Jeff Muster

10 Twin Bridge

Merrimack, NH 03054


Events Calendar

Current Sermon Series: Exodus

Wednesday Bible Study: Tactics




Morning Service - 10:30 AM

Communion - 1st Sunday of Month

Missions Offering - 1st Sunday of Month


Bible Study - 7:00 PM


Our Building

First off, our church building doesn't have a steeple. It's in a professional business park as many churches are these days. We wanted to meet where people work, live & play because Jesus Christ has affected for the better every area of our lives. Anyways, we're really not all that concerned about outward appearances anyways, so a white bulding with a steeple isn't important to us. Our focus is not "the building" but God and the people He is "building up" in His Son Jesus, as He makes them new creations in Christ.


Our Sunday Service

When you join us Sunday Morning at 10:30 AM, the first thing you'll see is presently we're not yet a large congregation. There are 20-25 who attend our Worship & Word Sunday Morning Service thus far. We're a new church plant that is growing though, so come & add to our numbers so you can grow with us.

Praise & Worship

We begin with prayer as Pastor welcomes everyone.

Next we'll sing 2-3 songs together. The songs are a mix of old hymns, contemporary songs & songs that have been written by some in our church family.

At this point we usually sit down for a moment and we give people a chance to glorify God by sharing how they have seen Him work in their life the past week, or something new they're learded about, or maybe a word of encouragement for others. We also give people a chance to ask for prayer for their needs or those of another.

Next we'll sing another 1-2 songs together. Sacrifices are often associated in Scripture with worship, so during these worship songs, members are invited to bring their tithes & offerings forward. We have no expectations that visitors bring forth an offering. We believe it is wise for visitors to see what we're all about before they elect to contribute financially to the ministry here.

Our worship team is not professional by any means, but they do have a heart for God and a desire to worship the God who saved & daily sustains them in His goodness & grace.

During our praise & worship time, we encourage children to worship with their family in the sanctuary. We also have a small "play area" for children under 4, where parents can give their children a bit more freedom & still keep an eye on them during worship time. It may get a little noisy at times with the children, but Jesus said "let the little children come unto Me" so if a little noise was okay with Him, it's okay with us too.

A Short Break

After our song service we pray for the young children attending and invite them (ages 2 - 8 typically) to leave the worship-room into a classroom where women teach them about God at a level they can more easily understand. This also gives parents an opportunity to listen to the preaching of the Word with fewer distractions. While parents are escorting their children to the classrooms, everyone is invited to take a few minute break to use the restroom or get a drink of water.

The Preaching of the Word

When the congregation returns to the worship-room, the Bible is then opened and the Word of God is preached. Typically the preaching is verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter, book-by-book.

After the Sermon

After the sermon message, we will often close the service with one final worship song and then leave the sanctuary open for people to come forward for prayer or to remain in their seats for a period of contemplation.

After Service Fellowship

Those who do not need prayer (or who do not wish to spend quiet-time in the sanctuary) are invited to "fellowship" together in the fellowship room, for a few snacks and some coffee, tea, hot chocolate or water.


Wednesday Evening Bible Study

On Wednesday Evenings from 7 - 8 PM, we meet together for a Bible Study. As an example, on Wednesday nights we've covered the Book of Revelation, Lamentations, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Jonah, Nahum, Micah, Job, Revelation, Daniel and we've studied such topics as Church History, How Do We Know the Bible is True? How Does God Truly Speak Today? Heresies & False Religions, Prayer, and a number of other topics over the past years. Wednesday nights involve a lot of participation & discussion. It's a great time to ask all your questions too.